Chairman's Message
My Dear, Guru Nanak Naam leva Gursikh Brothers, Sisters and Children,
WAHEGURUji ka khalsa Whaeguruji ki fateh.

I would like to share with you in brief the various activities and achievements of the Gurudwara Sahib Johannesburg. In early 1990s some Sikh families were located to Johannesburg and monthly congregations were organized at each family's home by rotation. After few years the burning desire of having Gurudwara Sahib was very strong in each Satsangi's mind and the steps in this direction were taken to realise the dream into reality. Hence in 2006 Vaisakhi was celebrated at Gurudwara Sahib at 109, 4th Street, Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg. This was a residential property and was quite suitable for the Gurudwara Sahib in the beginning. Devotees started visiting the Gurudwara sahib in large numbers and some structural changes were made to start langar hall, residential rooms and conveniences for the Sangat .

As Johannesburg is the commercial capital of South Africa, a lot of expatriates (mainly comprising of young I.T professionals from all regions of India) get assignments here. These young ones hail from all regions, religions and cultural backgrounds and are regular devotees. Many of them have been to a Gurudwara for the first time in their lives only in Johannesburg though they were born and brought up in India.

It is such a unique and colorful bouquet of humanity, that one goes ecstatic seeing the universality of Guru Nanak's path;
Na ko beri nahin begana, sagal sang hum ko ban aiyee.
I have the good fortune of visiting many places world wide and also Gurudwara's everywhere, But I say with my utmost humility that I have never come across such a universal sangat.

The number of devotees are increasing every month. We have performed several Anand Karajs even for non Sikhs in Gurudwara Sahib. Our endeavor is to bring everyone under the umbrella of humanity & universal brotherhood propagated by Guru Nanak Devji.

Though we have a very fragile community yet we have been running the langar (free kitchen) for past 3 years on 24/7 bases. The local people who are menial workers in the neighborhood come regularly and partake in langar. As all know that langar was started by our great Guru's, we are trying to carry forward their legacy in the most befitting manner.

We carry on charity work regularly . Sikh philosophy is Naam Japnaa & Vand Chakhna, in this spirit we have distributed 100's of blankets to the needy ones who spend the freezing winter nights on the pavements of downtown. We also keep on donating the items of daily needs like eatables, clothing & medicines to the old age home and orphanage. The thought that motivates us to undertake these activities " Gareeb da mooh, Guru di Golak"~~~ if the poor and needy ones are fed, it's like making offerings to the Guru. We have also supported few needy and deserving students for their studies.

We are fully conscious about the importance of ones mother tongue our young ones who are far away from their motherland are deprived of their language and cultural values, thus it would affect their religious heritage in long run, just to stand to this challenge, our management has started a school within Gurudwara Premises, under the name of KHALSA CUB's which is being run my members of management committee on voluntary basis. All our young ones between the age of 3-15 years are studying Gurmukhi and Punjabi language along with Gurbani, Shabad keertan and recitation of paath. This education is free for one and all. The expenditure is being borne by Gurudwara Sahib. The Khalsa cub children have recited prayers & Gurbani Shabads in a highly spiritual manner during various Gurpurab functions in South Africa.

As the number of devotees is on increase, the need of proper Gurudwara premises with Darbar Sahib, langar hall, parking, Classroom, Dispensary & residential facilities for Gurudwara staff and visitors have been visualized

We have hired the services of one of the top architects Misel Cizek Architects, to design the building of Gurudwara Sahib. With WAHEGURU's grace, when the GURUDWARASAHIB building will be completed it will be a jewel of Johannesburg.

Dear Saadh Sangat Ji, right now we are facing lots of difficulties in the progress of construction of Gurudwara due to several reasons.
The neighboring residents in the Parkmore area have complained to the authorities to stall the construction as they would not allow any temple in the residential area. they have furnished a long list of objections. To the extend they have even approached the High Court and have through the Joburg Council an order passed to stall the construction work.

Subsequently, we defended strongly through our lawyers, finally good sense prevailed upon the oponents and they withdrew the petition, for the time being. Out of list of 30 odd complaints, only 3 are still bone of contention for which the city council has to take the appropriate decision through a Tribunal meeting to be held on site in the near future.

We are fully confident, the remaining objections will also be nullified when the meeting takes place because we are not building anything which is not conforming to the local laws. All Religions in South Africa has Freedom of Worship !
Once the objections are ruled out, the construction activity will start on full pace but we anticipate difficulties due to paucity of funds which may hamper our work and delay the project.
The estimated cost of full constructions works out to be ZAR 6 million that translates roughly to USD 700000 which may go even higher as we approach the completion. So far the funds collected are in the region of ZAR 1,5m ( usd 200000) which is too little for the completion.
We therefore appeal to all our brothers and sisters around the world to contribute liberally towards this good cause and earn the blessings from our Guru , Guru Granthsahibji.
I'm sure the spirit of real Sikh is that he or she would like to see the Guru's home made of Gold though they themselves be living in simple homes , this spirit and love for their Guru's , make Sikhs a very special & unique community. They never lag behind in rendering any kind of sewa, may it be financial, physical, spiritual or in any other form in the name of Guru. Guru has always bestowed upon them the worldly comforts topped with divinity.

Dear Gursikhs, you will appreciate that all these activities along with construction need lot of funds and hence request you to contribute generously and exhibit the true Sikh spirit. Our website has all the banking coordinates and other details that can be used to transfer funds. Please do visit the website regularly to see our activities. Your valuable suggestions to improve our services for the community & society are always welcome.
On behalf of the Sangat of Johannesburg , I humbly request All who travel to South Africa, kindly visit the Gurudwara sahib & be Blessed,

WAHEGURU Ji Ka Khalsa WAHEGURU ji ki Fateh
Harbinder Singh Sethi.
Mukh Sewadaar.
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