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Khalsa Cubs was an idea that came about in 2009. It was vaisakhi that year that the dream was envisaged.  Khalsa our Panth and Cubs being baby lions. he name Khalsa Cubs was born. It is these baby lions that will lead the next generation of Sikhs..

Something was needed for the Sikh children of South Africa, for them to learn about their roots, their language and religion. Classes started on 14th June with approximately 10 children and 2 teachers. There were 2 groups, juniors age 3-6 and seniors 7 upwards.

Children have learnt facts and names in sikh history as well as alphabet, numbers and vocabulary. Today the class has increased to 20 children and 4 teachers.

Children are encouraged to take part in gurpurab celebrations and seva. A sevadaar trophy has been introduced this year for juniors and seniors and will be given each month to the child who is carrying out seva services within the gurdwara.

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